Original Czech Wooden Marionettes and Puppets

The carving of wooden hand made marionettes and puppet theatre has a long tradition in the Czech republic.

Historians place the beginnings of czech puppet theatre in the second half of the 18th century.
And there are still some artistic puppetcarvers in the Czech republic who go on doing hand made wooden marionettes …

Their works go sometimes beyond the traditional conceptions of marionettescarving and for whom wooden marionettes and puppets represent primarily artistic expression of their own right.
One of them is also Petr Kavan – well-known sculptor and carver

Petr Kavan makes all marionettes and puppets from wood and linden (lime) wood is used exclusively. The marionettes and puppets are hand made and carefully carved and finally painted by oil colours.
Each marionette or puppet is an original and has its own character. A typical trait of Kavan`s wooden marionettes is heads – each carved from single, uglued pieces of wood, including hair and beard.

All pieces of clothing are hand sewn and knitted by Galina Kavanova